Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bob on his 50th Birthday

Our family still feels the loss of Bob.
Besides being a great husband, father, and grandpa. Bob was an organ donor, and because of his example it has changed the way we feel about the gift of donating. We know that there are people out there that have a better life because the program. The Intermountain Donor Services sends updates on the organs that were used. Here they are:
A man age 65 and a woman age 50 were given the gift of sight. Both were blind prior to receiving Bob's corneas.
His soft tissue has been used for skin grafts for severely burned individuals.
Seven people from the ages of 33-58 from Louisiana, Maryland, South Carolina, and Idaho received his ACF spacers to repair cervical spinal surgery near the neck.
Ten people from the ages of 25-85 from California to Ohio received cancellous chips to heal fractures of the clavicle, wrist, ankle, and hip.
His pulmonary hemi artery was used in Utah to save the life of a six month old baby.
His heart valves helped two people with cardiovascular disease. Some blood vessels used for people with poor circulation and heart problems.
If you are not an organ donor hopefully this has changed your mind to become one.
Sometimes Bob would be asked to speak at BYU in the Business Department.
Because of his association at the University they have placed a book at the BYU Library in his name on behalf of his memory. I will add the name of the book when it is available to me.
In Salt Lake City there is a donor park. Last year Bob's name was put on the wall of remembrance.
We love you Bob. You truly are our hero

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The White Family said...

My childhood is filled with funny stories about Bob. I remember going on a trip with you to California (I know you remember me crying for my mommy!). On the way down we (Bob) made sandwiches in the van. Bob was in the back making sandwiches and asked everyone what they wanted. When he got to me I said I wanted mine with lettuce, What a mistake! He was so funny about having to put lettuce on my sandwich..He would never let me live that down! Bob had to fly home early. We dorpped him off at the airport. I remember ALL of us crying in the van as we pulled away. I will never forget him......